Important Membership Information Update!!!!!

As part of Governor Hogan's most recent Executive Order, we will be closing at 5pm Today March 23rd.

To Our Valued Guests,


We, first and foremost, want to take a minute to thank all of our guests that have come out to support us in this unprecedented time.  We have been a part of the local community for 18 years and we aren't going ANYWHERE.  It goes without saying that everyone is talking about how you can do your part to support the local small businesses, an this our plea to you.  Many of our guests, rightfully so, have expressed concern about how we will be handling our current active memberships.


Here is how YOU can help US get through this.  We ask that all guests please keep their membership in the "active" status and allow us to continue forward with your April billing.

Here is how we are going to Thank YOU!!!!




Anyone that is in our Frequent Flyer Spa Membership, rest assured, your monthly spa treatments will NEVER expire and will rollover to whenever YOU are able to make it in.





To all of our UV and Sunless Tanning Frequent Flyer Members, EVERYONE that remains "active" in our Frequent Flyer Membership on April 1st, will receive a $1 for $1 store credit to be used at your convenience.

For example, if you are in our Level 3 UV Sunbed Membership you will receive a $42 store credit immediately placed onto your in salon account on the 1st of the month.



For those guests that have previously purchased memberships that are tied to a time frame, such as a 30 Day, 6 Month or 1 Year Membership, when you are able to make it back in to the salon, we will extend your membership by the amount of time you missed, no questions asked.


We are all in this together and trust us.....nobody is more grateful for your business than us, your local small business owners.

If you have additional questions, or if your particular membership isn't addresssed above, please email me directly at

We can not begin to thank everyone enough for this support.



Luke and Lori Golueke