Nufree Waxing

Nufree is the gold standard in hair removal. It was developed over 25 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery.  A Nufree application is similar to waxing but it is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin. It is completely Botanical and safe for the entire body. It doesn't dry and can be erased at anytime. 

Germ Free

Nufree is self-preserving antibacterial/ antimicrobial so its
clean and germ free.


Nufree is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body.


Nufree is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.

Accept no substitutions... There is only one Nufree.

Waxing Areas and Pricing
  • Neck $10
  • Lip $12
  • Chin $12
  • Chin & Neck $18
  • Brow Shaping $16
  • Underarm $20
  • Bikini $30
  • French Bikini $40
  • Brazilian - from $65
  • Arm $40
  • Half Leg $45
  • Back $60
  • Shoulder $10
  • Chest $50
  • Leg $75